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On this page you can see the site's galleries grouped in two categories: the last entries (Latest Galleries), and most voted (Top Galleries). The galleries search is available only with tags in English language. Each gallery is a virtual group of images from various photographers that offers creative content clustered by subject. The galleries are ideal tools to facilitate the images search and to help artists to promote their work. A gallery must include images from at least six photographers in order to become visible on the site. Assign images to a gallery it's easy:
1. First of all create a new gallery from Account -> My Galleries -> Create New Gallery and give it a name. (The name must be in English language).
2. Add a detailed description of the gallery content. (*The description must be in English language).
3. Add keywords for the gallery (*The keywords must be in English language).
4. Add the ID of the first image in the gallery.
5. Add other images to the gallery by simply typing their id's in the Image ID box in My Galleries -> Add/Remove Images->Add New Image (See FAQ -> Create Galleries)
The galleries with name, content and tags in other languages will not be published.

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Latest Galleries

Birds - managed by Kphotos
Added: 1 October 2011, 12:10:41

All kinds of birds fly in daily.

Top Galleries

Birds - managed by Sally Kuyper
Added: 1 October 2011, 12:10:41

All kinds of birds fly in daily.
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